I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband Ian and my daughter Roxy. I started Beane and Company in 2007, shortly before my daughter was born. We affectionately call her Beane. I was a professional dancer for years and out of necessity taught myself to sew. It soon became a passion! In additon to dancing I have worked in many costume shops over the years. This really was the base for mixing vintage "time period" clothing with the glitz and glamour. After the birth of my daughter I began a love affair with children's clothes, there was really no other direction to go! I decided to leave the stage and costumes behind.


When I got married in 2002 I couldn't find anything I liked in the store that suited the style of my wedding. I wanted a vintage feel but with a modern twist. I was fortunate that I could make what I wanted, but I realize that there are a lot of people out there that have the same trouble I was having and can't make what they want. So it was then that the marriage of my stage and theatre background and vintage inspired clothing for weddings began. I like the idea that you can have anything you invision in any color for your own wedding. Even if it is not in the commercial market.


Growing up my mother was a seamstress as well, and had a cedar chest full of beautful things she had made for me and my brothers. They are still beautiful and relevant pieces of clothing all theses years later. I wanted to be able to do that for my own daughter. I figured if I wanted beautiful keepsake clothing why wouldn't other people want the same. There is lots of love and excitement in everything I make. I hope you enjoy!


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